The American Girl Attic Girls

The American Girl Attic Girls

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Julie's 1970s Hairstyling Set Review

I was very excited to receive the now retired Julie's Hairstyling Set for Christmas!  I got it when it was one of the Daily Deals a couple of weeks ago.

The set comes with the hairdryer, an extra attachment, and two rainbow hairbows for Julie.

The attachments slide off easily and can click back in place.

There is an on/off switch in the back and the speakers for the sound are also in the back.  When the switch is on you simply press the red button in front for the sound!  It "runs" for several seconds before turning off automatically.  You can press the red button again to stop the sound.  The switch in back can be turned to "off" if you would like to disable the sound features.

The bows are very cute and go well with Julie's 2-in-1 summer shorts set.

Here is my Julie using her hairdryer.  There is place for her hand to hold the dryer!  How cute!

I rate this set 5 stars too!

OG Patio Chair and Umbrella Review

For Christmas,  I got the OG Patio Chair and Umbrella set!  (I have a separate post coming with my doll house reveal.)

Here is my Samantha enjoying some sun in her 1904 swimsuit: 

The set comes with this cute patio tree.  It is plastic, but the details make it look more realistic.

 I especially love the the rock detailing.

 The chair itself is made of sturdy wood.

It is secured with a pink metal backing.  The legs of the chair are also metal.

The set is designed to go with the Our Generation house from Target, so I will have to create a stand for the umbrella myself.  The pole is plastic and has a crank to open and close the umbrella. The pole can also be taken apart into three pieces for storage.

 The umbrella has ties underneath so it can be removed for spot cleaning.

Here is a closeup of the crank.  There is a string running down the pole from the umbrella to open and close it.

And here is the umbrella all closed up! 

I give this set 5 stars!  It is currently out of stock online at Target, but keep checking back as they restock for the new year.  I definitely recommend this set for doll enthusiasts like me!

Grace's TV Debut

Tune into Good Morning America tomorrow morning for the big reveal of Grace Thomas in doll form!!!

See the new Girl of the Year. Tune in for an exclusive first look on Good Morning America. Wednesday, December 31, 7-9 a.m. Check local listings for channel.

Saturday, December 27, 2014

NEWS Isabelle Items Back in Stock

It looks like some of Isabelle's items are back in stock online until the 31st. This includes Isabelle's Sparkle Dress, Dance Bar, scrunched pants, pink leggings, and purple leotard. Hurry and get them before they're sold out forever!

Friday, December 26, 2014

AG Grace Webpage is UP!

Guess what everyone??? Grace Thomas's webpage on American Girl play is now UP!  You can even see what she will look like on the book cover!  Im so excited to finally be able to post pictures of Grace here.  Let's check out what's available on her website.

You can watch videos for clues about Grace's world:

The "Grace" app will be available January 1st for IOS and Android.  Im very excited it will be on android so I can play it!

You can already start reading her journal about her journey to Paris here.

Her online game is called "Delicious Duos."  Im excited to play baking and restaurant style games.  We haven't had one since "Onolicious" when Kanani was released.

You can also send e-cards to your friends to let them know about Grace coming!

Mark your calendars for JANUARY 1ST 2015 for the BIG doll reveal!

Thursday, December 25, 2014

GOTY 2015 Grace Accessory Ideas

We all know some American Girl items can be a bit expensive for some of us, especially the furniture, so I thought I would compile a bunch of 18" doll stuff that could be used for Grace!  I've seen a lot of the photos of her collection, and I can't wait to update this post with pictures NEXT WEEK! And by the way, Merry Christmas and Happy Dollidays everyone!  I'll have a post up with what I got for my dolls for Christmas later!
Now on to Grace Thomas ideas:

Grace will have a pink party dress, and I thought one of these dresses from Target would work lovely as a cheaper version of it.

There are also many OG purse and hat sets that will work well with Grace's "Paris" themed collection:

By far the best item for Grace is the Home Baking Set from Target.  The mixer and bowl are even the same colors that Grace's will be!  I have this set, and I can't wait till my Grace can try it out!

And of course we can't forget the luggage set for Grace's trip to Paris!  This set is adorable, and even has a Paris sticker for the suitcase!

Hobby Lobby is also a great place to search for "Paris" themed items, including miniature Eiffel Towers!!!

Will you be getting Grace Thomas?  I know I will!