The American Girl Attic Girls

The American Girl Attic Girls

Saturday, March 28, 2015

NEWS Isabelle Items Back in Stock On the Sale Page

A few of the lingering Isabelle items have been marked as in stock on the sale page after American Girl's website reboot.  I have tested this by adding each item to cart and its working!!! A couple of items, such as her warm-up top, are out of stock again, and probably for the last time. Hurry and buy any you want for a GREAT price before they are "gone forever" (in quotes because they might magically appear at the Cyber Monday sale lol)  Items include Isabelle's accessories, dance case, pajamas, makeup case, and a few girl sized clothing items.

Also if you want Rebecca's sideboard, its on sale for $60.  Its been on sale awhile, so it may sell out really soon!

One thing I don't like about the new AG website, is that you can easily overlook the small print "no longer available" as opposed to the SOLD OUT we used to get. 

In addition to the website reboot, we have lost all original links to the pages, including items that have sold out recently (Julie's swimsuit, Marie-Grace and Cecile, pre-Beforever items, etc.)  If you come across a link to American Girl's website that doesn't work, don't worry.  I will be fixing that as soon as possible. Thank you Rhonda (for the heads up

Good news is, the mobile version of the site is back in business for phones! It works so much better.

Let me know in the comments below if you bought any of the sale items, and if you like American Girl's newly improved website! 

All screenshots are from American Girl and are not my own.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Felcity's Fashion Friday

 "Good morning everyone! It's Friday, which means its time for more fashion picks!"

Last week, Julie showed off her new swimsuit ensemble - 60% of you voted yes for this outfit.  "Phew!  I was hoping most people would like it!" said Julie.

 "Please excuse my mess.  I was finishing my tea lesson!" said Felicity.

 "Oh, look who's here!  It's Kit Kittredge, our guest today."

 "Hi guys!  Im really excited to show everyone the outfit Felicity designed."

"This outfit would be perfect for a 1950s girl!"

The bow is from Samantha's original Christmas dress.

The blouse is from Julie's Christmas outfit, which just recently retired.

The skirt is from Samantha's bathing suit.

And the shoes, of course, are from Kit's original meet outfit.

View from the back

I hope everyone enjoyed this Fashion Friday post!  Don't forget to vote for the outfit in the poll to your right!

There isn't an about the outfit this week, since the outfit is from several clothing pieces.  There will be one next week!

New Layout!

New layout for springtime!  I hope everyone is having a wonderful spring so far.  Easter is coming up fast!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Target Doll Hunt

Yesterday I went to Target to check out what Our Generation things they had.  Everything is currently 30% at Target from OG, so head on over to your local Target or order online!  Free shipping with $25+

I found this new cowgirl outfit while I was there.

 They also have some cute romper sets.  This is my favorite new one, and I think it will look lovely on Grace.

 What I really love about the OG line is their cute new shoes!  They retail for $6.99 each, and are such great quality.  Some surpass American Girl by how well they are made.  Each one is so unique!

I especially love the two tone boots and the flats.  'Im glad they sell these because not all outfit sets come with material shoes.  A lot of them are plastic, and this gives me an opportunity to make a fancier outfit ensemble.  

These are the accessories sets they had.  Nothing new here, but they are still cute.

I didn't find the laundry set I wanted, so I may check another Target later this week.   

However, I DID find something awesome in the Target dollar section!

FOOD ERASERS!  I've been looking for these all around town, and finally I found some!  I wanted to buy these for Grace, since they are mostly French pastries. They only had two left, but hopefully the other Target will have more.  I'd like to have several of each if possible.

These are perfect for Grace's bakery

This is Samantha holding different ones in her hand.

French pie.

Samantha can hold the donut with her finger!

She can hold the fruits really well.

And here she is with a popsicle.

 The cutest eraser out of the set is the ice cream cone, which fits perfectly in her hand.

Samantha and her friends are going on a picnic today!  She is going to pack all the new food I bought.

I would recommend checking you local Target for these erasers.  You won't want to miss out!!!

Coupon For In Stores Only Through the 31st

Big news for those who live near an AG store!  Save $10 when you spend $50+  I like this coupon better than last years' because you don't have to spend as much to save!  Happy shopping!

Monday, March 23, 2015

National Puppy Day!

I just found out today is National Puppy Day, so I decided to do a quick post about the puppies I have for my dolls!

This is Ginger.  He's not actually American Girl's Ginger, I just happened to coincidentally name him that when I was seven! How funny!
 Kit likes to play with Ginger when he's not being walked by Julie.

Ginger loves to be cuddled.

Ginger joins Kit on the bed as she reads a book.

This is Samantha and a Jip look a like!

He doesn't have white on his fur, but  I may be able to make it white with bleach? Im scared to mess him up.

Jip is begging Samantha for a treat!  He'll have to be a good dog in order to get one.  No running away today!

Strange New Trademark

I came across this new trademark by American Girl, and the title of it is kinda weird.  It sounds like something you'd find on the shelf with Zelfs and Shopkins.  Perhaps this has to do with the rebranding of the MAG line to Truly Me.  I'm not sure what Wellie-Wishers means, but it has a trademark for computer games and apps.  I hope its an app for the Innerstar U type of game!

Other separate trademarks under the same name include toys and games, entertainment, bedding, jewelry, clocks, luggage, hair accessories, books, and...wait didn't we see this same stuff under Truly Me earlier this month?  American Girl has us on our toes again! What is all this??? 

All I know is the MAG line WILL be called Truly Me because there are already printed books with this brand name.  Another possibility is this has to do with Bitty Baby and the Bitty Twins.

I guess we'll have to wait and see what all this is!

Saturday, March 21, 2015

New Journey Girls Sets at Toys R Us

I was checking the Journey Girls page at Toys R Us, and noticed some new sets have come up! As a bonus, all Journey Girls sets are on sale!  I am especially excited about the Outdoor Table Set.  I think Toys R Us caught on to the new gazebo and outdoor serving set from American Girl and decided to join in!

The set looks to be very nice quality.  I couldn't find anything in the description that says its made of wood, so I will have to see it in person when I go to the store.  

It includes two placemats, two cups, a picnic basket, two seat cushions, two chairs, and one table.  This set will work with MAG as well as Samantha and Nellie.
It retails for $29.99 and is currently on sale for $23.99.

The OG picnic set would be a perfect addition to this set.  More cups and plenty of food and silverware! 
Image result for our generation picnic set
 Image result for our generation picnic set
 Another set that has been seen in stores, but just now showed up on the website is the Epic Summer Set.  For $16.99, it is a lot more affordable than American Girl's.  
 The set is fabric and plastic.  I think the cooler and umbrella are soooo adorable! 

Which set will you get? I already have a beach chair, but I will definitely be getting the table.

Fashion With Felicity

Welcome to Fashion With Felicity! Julie is modeling her new swimsuit ensemble with the OG beach chair and umbrella set.

Julie certainly looks tall is those platform shoes!!!

"Hello readers! Welcome back to my fashion closet!" 

 "Today I'm going to help Julie get ready to go to the beach!  It has been quite warm in California as of late, and Julie just can't wait to make a sand castle."

 "I have recently added some Isabelle GOTY 2014 stickers around my mirror to give it more of a dance feel."

"Why hello Julie! How are you today?" asked Felicity.

"Well, I'm a little frustrated because I can't find the right shoes to wear. Maybe you could help me?" Julie replied.

"Of course!  I have just the thing.  Let me get it out of the accessory closet."

Felicity struggled to reach the top shelf.  "Oh look!" said Felicity, "Here is a bright red sunvisor that will match perfectly with your swimsuit."

She quickly handed Julie the hat.

"I love it!" exclaimed Julie.  She stretched the visor onto her head.

"And here are some perfect platform sandals for the beach.  They are the latest in style." said Felicity.

Julie tried on the whole ensemble.  "This outfit looks waaaay better than anything I could have put together.  All your fashion and sewing lessons have paid off, Felicity!"

"You're welcome, Julie.  It can be fun once you learn how to do it well!"

"Bye everyone!  I'll be back next week with a new friend and a new fashion creation!" ~ Felicity Merriman

 Now its your turn! What did you think of Julie's new outfit?  Did you like it?  Vote in this week's pick it or kick it with the poll to your right.  Felicity will be back next week with a new outfit and the results from this week's fashion poll.

About the Outfit

  Julie's 2-in-1 Summer Outfit was originally introduced in 2008, Julie's first new release since her debut in 2007.  The shorts set was taken out of the set a few years later, but the swimsuit remained.  The swimsuit was phased out last year with the launch of Beforever. 
The set included flip-flops, a terry cloth jacket, shorts, sunglasses (not pictured), a takini, and a towel for Julie to sunbath on.

Here is a close up of the swimsuit.

This is what the back of the jacket looks like.  The set matches perfectly with the rainbow hair ties in Julie's hairstyling set. 

Since I got this outfit when I was 11, it was well played with, and sadly the screw popped out of the sunglasses.  Ive tried fixing it several times, but it just falls apart again when I put them on Julie's head.  As you can see from the last picture, the left flip-flop strap needs to be sewn on again.  It broke last summer, but this outfit held up for nearly 7 years before needing some repairs.  I would definitely recommend this outfit to anyone who likes to shop for AG outfits on ebay!

Here is my Julie drying her hair with the shorts set on!

This is the original catalog the set released in: