The American Girl Attic Girls

The American Girl Attic Girls

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Hey everyone!  So Beforever debuted Thursday, and I just wanted to give an overview of the new stuff and what I think about them.  I love some changes, but others not so much.  Please note that this is all my opinion, and I understand it may be different from others.  I do not intend to offend anyone at all!  You are welcome to voice your own opinions in the comments below!  I will be taking each character one at a time, starting with Samantha in this post.

First off, this outfit made me cringe when I first saw it.  The dress is so gorgeous, the tights are cute, them BOOM Barbie glamour, metallic purple boots.  Like WHERE did this COME from.  It doesn't even look historically accurate.  And look at the price tag: $36! So I did some research and this is what I came up with.

So apparently, yes, this style did exist in 1904. And they had pink too it seems.  But I think the metallic was a little overkill.  If they had left it pink, or white with no metallic, I think it would have been much more successful.

I also love Samantha's new meet outfit!  It is so gorgeous and matches her old meet hat! I will be ordering that and her accessories for a perfect ensemble! 

Next up is Sam's bicycling outfit:

I personally like this outfit, even though I thought the shirt was for Julie.  The only thing I would do is get rid of the pink hairbow and give it to Isabelle. LOL I'm not so sure about the embroidery, so I did some research.

The cut and style of the shirt is accurate, as portrayed by these ladies.  The bloomers are accurate too, I just couldn't find bloomers and the shirt I wanted in the same photo.  Since Sam's is a children's bicycling outfit, it could have had embroidery on it, but I don't know.

I love the hat that goes with it.  I'm glad it has blue instead of pink. :)

But overall, I think her original was the best.

I think I may use the hat from her hair styling accessories to put with it sometimes.  So many different possibilities!!! 

I was not too thrilled by Samantha's pajamas being pink.  And her shoes look like they were borrowed from Tinker Bell the fairy. But Peter Pan did take place in the early 1900s.  The problem is that style must have originated in England.  So obviously she got this outfit after moving to New York with Aunt Cornelia, because they would have the latest fashions.


I really wish they had kept the pajamas the same for the matching girl ones.  The rest of the characters have exact replicas.  I hope this doesn't meant they will be changing the rest of the pajamas soon.

I was so excited when I hear Jip was to return to Sam's collection.  But when I scrolled down and saw this new version of him, I freaked.  It looks nothing like him.  In fact, he looks like a Webkinz! Not worth $22...

I do like that Samantha has a bike that doesn't look like a toddler's tricycle.  Unfortunately it had to be pink instead of the blue on "Samantha's New Bicycle" short story. Since I have her old version, I won't need to buy another bike, so I will just leave this on the shelf.

Here is my Samantha riding her three-wheeled bike. It's funny how I bought Marie-Grace's parasol for Samantha and then it ends up as part of her collection.  So I know p

Her bed is really pretty, but I can't justify paying $150 for it, when there are similar ones out there.  I first thought of the Princess and Me bed from Toys R Us that is very similar in color scheme.

By far one of my favorites is Sam's bedtime accessories.  The music box, paper dolls, scrapbook, and The Wizard of Oz book remind me so much of her Christmas book!  American Girl did really well with this set.  They've had a very similar set to this in the past.  I just love it when they create items specifically mentioned in the books, including my next item to review...

Sam's ice cream parlor!! I know its $300, but somehow I have to get it!  American Girl did so great with details on this one! The cash register is so authentic and such fancy glassware! It definitely holds some great play value. The ice cream scoops look so fun!  And it was in Samantha's birthday story.  I'm glad they decided to emphasize a different aspect of the story this time!

So that's my little review of Samantha's new collection.  Let me know yours!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Beforever Launches Tomorrow + Samantha Collection Sneak Peak!

Hey guys!  Can you believe that Beforever launches tomorrow? I can't either!  And guess what?  American Girl posted a sneak peak video of Samantha's collection, plus a picture of all the historicals and some of their new accessories!  Today I'm going to show a picture of them and some comparisons between the new and old Samantha collections.  I have to say, I am not pleased that 90% of Sam's collection is pink, and it makes me really scared to see what they've done with Kit's collection.  I guess I'm in a bit of shock over everything and it will take some time to adjust!  But I will always be an American Girl fan no matter what.  

So the photo I posted yesterday I thought was Julie's new shirt.  Apparently it is for Samantha, and just proves how some of the new outfit aren't exactly historically accurate... They are historical, yes, just the wrong time period.  It seems American Girl always goes 10 years before or after their characters' time to find outfits on occasion.  Julie's new outfit looks more like for the '60s.  But when she was younger this was probably the style and she was accustomed to it, just like we '90s kids find some fashions rad while others don't because we remember wearing it when we were kids. LOL

  Old bike

 Living a Doll's Life has complete comparison between Sam's old and new bicycling outfits here.


I'm not sure I'm that much into Samantha's bed since I can buy a similar one elsewhere.  It is pretty, yes, and accurate, but I'll be passing on this.  I will wait to see Sam's pjs tomorrow before judging them since I can't make them out well.  I can already tell I like the ones I already have for Sam better though.

I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS  SET!  I don't care if its $300 I must get it somehow.  This is the best set they've ever done I think.  Look at all the attention to detail! I'm glad the parasol will be kept and incorporated in Samantha's world.  I am bummed that we weren't told it wasn't retiring, because I could have bought Rebecca's accessories instead.  Oh well.  I like her new birthday dress, just not the shoes.  I will use Cecile's shoes instead for this outfit and the pink ones for my Isabelle outfits.  Overall rating is 9/10 stars!

And of course her meet outfit!  I love this outfit the best of her collection.  I don't want to use the headband, just the bow. But her purse and locket are lovely.  Her locket is now movie accurate! lol  I was always so mad that the doll had a pin on brooch locket, but Sam had a necklace in the movie. And I'm also happy they made Sam's shoes out of material instead of plastic this time.

On to the other historicals!


I love that they kept Addy's hat!  It looks better than before!


They didn't show Caroline's because they didn't change.

Josefina looks much better now!

I wish Kaya got a new outfit. :(

I love Kit's and I'm glad its not pink.  That hat is to die for!!! I still cherish her old meet, which I have so no worries there!!! 

The two thing I hate about Beforever are the books with no illustrations and looking back sections and the mini dolls. I will be happy if they release another "Welcome to ____'s World" series so we get some history!  History addict here!

But the mini dolls!

They will have PLASTIC bodies!!! No more soft bodies like the big dolls!! Isn't it terrible?  From the photos I've seen they are smaller with bigger heads, which means they won't go with the rest of my mini dolls.  I guess I'll have to go to ebay to round off my collection of minis.  Bummer.

And in BIG NEWS, the new 1950's historical is coming in JANUARY 2015 instead of September and is rumored to NOT be blonde like the prototypes.  Her name is unknown, and it is not Grace Thomas, so by default...

GRACE THOMAS IN GOTY 2015!!!!!!! I'm so excited!!!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Beforever: Historically Inspired Outfits

 One of the more recent Beforever videos inspired me to create my own historically inspired outfits using clothes I already had around the house.  The outfits that American Girl will have won't look exactly like the character's clothes, but they will hold a similarity to the outfits, but still be wearable by a modern girl.  I hunted up some clothes to make Julie and Josefina inspired outfit combinations! 

The first one I did was Josefina.

I paired a white eyelet lace dress with a green skirt. 

I recently got this scarf from my aunt!  I thought, "Hey this looks like Josefina!"

I hope you can see this okay.  I thought this necklace looked similar to Josefina's necklace.  I wonder if she will have one like it in Beforever too...

Here is an overview of the outfit.

This picture ended up sideways.  I'll try to fix it later.  I always thought Josefina's outfit had a white blouse, but when I saw her in person (my friend has her)  I realized it was a long dress blouse!  So my outfit includes a white dress to be historically accurate.
Next I gathered together my 1970s costume from last year.

The shoes I found on clearance at Walmart for $7.

I think they go perfectly with the pattern on the shirt.

The headband was created by my friend who has Josefina!  Thanks girl! :)

This purse my aunt had for a really long time.  My mom said it looks like the 1970s styles for sure!

Here is a closeup of the handle!

These jeans were old beat up ones I had in my closet.  I used some of the material that I used to make the shirt and added it to the ends of the jeans.
I also took out the hem for a more accurate '70s vibe!

Here is the shirt I made from a Simplicity pattern.

I got the edging and the material from Jo-Ann's Crafts and Sewing store.

The sleeves are really cool!

So what do you think?  I can't wait to create more historically inspired outfits!  Beforever launches in 3 days!  Mark your calendars!  Be sure to follow me on Pinterest for cool doll posts!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

List of Items Disappearing with Beforever Launch

Lissie and Lilly  has a complete list of items that might be going away when Beforever launches this coming Thursday. They will be pulled from shelves, but they will still be available while supplies last online.  I heard all the hairstyling sets will be leaving also, which comes as a shock since they were only out a few months.  However, the LE sets may be staying, because someone saw them in the new Julie display they peeked into at one of the stores.  A few of Julie's outfits were missing from the display.  I'm not sure which ones they were but I think it was the calico dress and the swimsuit.  Her patchwork outfit is staying (phew!) and she will have a new purple coat with  a hat similar to her current meet accessories hat.

I'm Back!

Hey girls!  I'm sorry its been sooooo long!  When I got back from my vacation, our internet went down and blogger wouldn't work for two whole weeks!  I was so mad!  Even pinterest was being awful.  But nevertheless, I'm back and its the countdown to Beforever!  Let's take a look at some important Beforever information I've found.  I also have some awesome Samantha photos.  If you don't want to see what she will look like yet, I'd advise you to leave immediately! LOL

Lissie and Lilly have a complete list of possible endangered Beforever items that will literally be PULLED from the shelves at the stores of the 28th.  They will still be available online after the launch, while supplies last.  So far Kit's Christmas dress is backordered, and in Canada, Addy's ice cream set is sold out.  Some say Julie's bug and Caroline's parlor are leaving, but other sources say they aren't.  (And Julie's VW bug WAS in a Beforever video.)  Yet her patchwork outfit and the LE outfits are rumored to be going, and someone over on Living a Doll's Life was able to peek in the covered up Julie display and saw them plus Julie in her new meet outfit!!! Weird, huh?  I think American Girl themselves are not sure of what to keep either!

Also, Barnes and Nobles has a few of the Beforever books in already!

Here are some lovely stock photos of Beforever Samantha!  You can watch a whole Samantha review here.

Doll Diaries found some awesome Samantha photos too! 

Credit: Doll Diaries

Screenshot from the new Beforever: Pass it On! video

Possible new coloring books for Beforever?

TTPM review of Samantha in her new box!

Ebay photo

All the characters will have new logos.

New Julie shirt?  

Julie's new outfit.

Samantha's new logo.  I can just imagine how cute Julie and Kit's will look.  I hope they are yellow for Julie and green for Kit, so on...

Rumored to be Caroline's new party outfit.

Kaya mini doll

Kit stock photo

Another TTPM screenshot.  Credit: Doll Diaries

Credit:  Living a Doll's Life  Kit's New Birthday dress.  It is rumored she will also have new white table and chairs.  I will miss Kit's green table! :(

Another ebay photo. 

Samantha mini doll! 

Don't forget to watch the video's with MORE sneak peeks of Beforever on American Girl's youtube channel!