The American Girl Attic Girls

The American Girl Attic Girls

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Fashion With Felicity

"Hey everyone!  Its Julie!  I hope everyone is doing groovy today."

Felicity is hosting another fashion post to show off Julie's retired Christmas dress that I ordered from the "Snow Much Savings" event at American Girl.

 Julie is getting her hair ready for an event tonight.

 "Doesn't the blouse look so authentic?" said Felicity.

 "I love the eyelet lace on the sleeves!" said Julie.

 Here is a closeup of the belt and flower embroidery.

 Cute black platform sandals.

 View from the back.

"I love how me and Julie can match in our holiday dresses!" exclaimed Felicity.

"Yes!" said Julie, "Let's see what our doll mom thinks of the dress."

I absolutely love how the blouse is not attached to the dress part so it can worn with other outfits.  The blouse is of supreme American Girl quality.

The dress is wonderful because it has real embroidery.  The belt seemed big, but when the dress is put on Julie, it fits her perfectly.  

The tights are great just like any other tights from American Girl.

The only downfall was the shoes.  They are really tricky to get on, and the bottom is made of cheap foam you would find on Springfield doll shoes.

Overall I give this outfit a 4.8 star rating and I would recommend buying it before its gone forever!!!

Grace's Goodwill Finds

Hello readers and welcome to a new post series that will be updated from time to time labeled "Grace's Goodwill Finds."  The series will feature neat doll sized things I've found at Goodwill!  It even has a cute little banner I made, which I will change to include a picture of my own Grace when I order her.

So let's check out the two things I bought at Goodwill last week:
I found a mini lampshade for $.99!  I will be using this in the living room of my dollhouse.

The best deal I found was the black locker light chandelier for $5! It had all three batteries and still worked!  I was very excited.  In case you didn't know, American Girl actually used this chandelier in spa scene of their latest catalog (Grace's January debut catalog).

So that's it for this post!  Grace will be back when we find new deals.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Doll Room Tour - Samantha

"Hello everyone!  I hope you all are having a wonderful Saturday so far.  I'm going to show everyone my room and how it looks so far!"

"I need to buy some wallpaper for the walls, but I have all my furniture in place! I am so pleased to have received this beautiful 1914 brass bed."- Samantha

I got the bed off ebay in yet another awesome deal! I believe Rebecca's bed is one of American Girl's finest.

The doll is a Hobby Lobby find and looks exactly like Lydia, the doll Samantha gave to Nellie.

Closeup of the footboard - Such marvelous detail in the brass decorations!

I also received Rebecca's kittens.  I think their faces are soooo cute!  The yarn balls came off a Christmas wreath ornament from Lowe's.

Last summer at the American Girl Store I got "Marie-Grace's" parasol.  Little did I know it would be incorporated into Samantha's collection! The jeweled containers are old perfume containers.

Here is Samantha holding the parasol open.

The chestdrawer is a jewelry box from Michael's that I plan to paint beige like her retired commode.

What I love most about the bed, is there is a cute striped pillow that slides out from the bolster pillow!

Here is a view of the mattress.  I love American Girl mattresses!

And this is what the bed looks like underneath the mattress.

I also put the Our Generation Wardrobe stool in Sam's room since it matches the bed!

So what do you think of Samantha's room so far?

"I can't wait to show Nellie!" - Samantha

New Giveaway at Doll Diaries!!!

Doll Diaries has a new giveaway, and this time its for the My Doll's Life cute puppy and kitten set! Head on over here to read the rules and enter! 

Friday, January 23, 2015

Beforever Spotlight Post - Kit's Daybed

I ordered Kit's Daybed and Quilt PLUS her old bedspread with the rug off ebay last week, and it just arrived at my house! YAY!

Let's check on Kit in her attic bedroom and see how she is liking her new bed so far!

"Hi everyone its Kit!  I'm so excited that I received this cute green bed for my attic!"

Here is the bed in the now retired Sweet Dreams Collection bedspread, pillow, and rug.

View of the footboard

 Closeup of the bedspread

 The headboard has a small chip in the paint that can be easily repaired.

 "I love the braided rug! Grace will enjoy taking naps on it."

And here is the bed with the current bedspread on it.

 "Since the bed comes off the floor a good way, I might store some of my old newspapers and my shoes under it."

"I can't wait to take a nap!"

Here is what the bed looks like underneath the covers.  It has a double mattress and bedframe that folds out for Ruthie!

It was a long day at school!  Poor Kit, we'll let her rest awhile.

And here is where I store her other bedspread while she is sleeping.  The chest is from Michael's and is stained.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

American Girl Snow Much Savings Sale!

Yay!  The winter American Girl Sale has arrived, and its practically as good as the Cyber Monday sale!  

And that's just the front page!!!  There's fourteen pages of awesome deals, including Caroline's Table and Chairs for $91 and Caroline's Parlor for $195. the Parlor retiring soon?  This is the second time its been on sale, and its only been a month since the last time!

What I was most excited about was JULIE'S RETIRED CHRISTMAS DRESS.

I remember it disappeared when Beforever launched because she has a new one now.  I was hoping it would show up on the Cyber Monday sale, but it didn't.  So obviously I snatched that outfit up FAST. 

I hope I can get either Caroline's table and chairs or Rebecca's sideboard before they are all gone, but it depends on how much I get from ebay selling. LOL  I've already bought Rebecca's bed and Kit's bed, which is a lot right there!

Also one thing to note, is a lot of the mystery books are on sale.  Not all of the ones that will NOT be receiving Beforever makeovers are on sale, so its hard to tell if its extra stock or if they are going away. I sure hope not!  

Make sure you buy some of the books with illustrations while you can!  Their only $2.75 each while supplies last.

What did YOU get from the Snow Much Savings Sale?

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Our Generation Horses!

It looks like some new stuff from the Our Generation line is starting to show up online and in stores!  And it looks like there are some new horses too! A few models even have articulated limbs.  The accessories are absolutely gorgeous, and I may consider selling my old Our Generation horse and buy one of the new ones instead.  Let's check out what horses Target has to offer:

White Arabian Horse

She (I am assuming since she has a pink saddle blanket and bridle lol) looks beautiful!  The saddle looks to be made out a rubbery plastic like the previous horses, but the saddle blanket is much nicer. 

 This horse looks like a good friend for Josefina!

Articulated Morgan Horse

The horse is made of plastic, but somehow this horse is movable.  It's hard to see where it is articulated, which could be a good thing.  Horses look weird when you can see obvious joints. The bridle and reins however, are now made of fabric according to the description!

So what do you think of the new Our Generation horses?  They retail for $34.99 and are in-store only, so check your local Target frequently!

Friday, January 9, 2015

Beforever Spotlight: Kit Kittredge

I am really excited that American Girl is diverting some of the attention from Samantha and Grace to Kit this month!  She is on the front page of the online store as this month's featured Beforever character.  I bet next month will be Josefina when her collection gets revamped in time for the Mexico City store's grand opening. I'll be featuring a lot of posts about Kit Kittredge this month to go along with American Girl.  After all, this IS the American Girl Attic Girls!  What would this blog be without Kit? :)