The American Girl Attic Girls

The American Girl Attic Girls

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

American Girl Summer Release Sneak Peak

American Girl has uploaded a Summer Release Sneak Peak on Instagram and Pinterest!  I am extremely excited for these releases.  I haven't seen such a wonderful Beforever release in a while.  I am glad they are bringing back some of the older sets such as Josefina's doll and the radio, in addition to new ones like Rebecca's bedroom set. All the new items will be on the site Thursday, June 25th and in stores.

Julie is getting a vanity!!!  This is on the top of my wish list.  It looks absolutely adorable, and I love the light up feature.  I just hope its no more than $60 like the vanities normally cost.  Marie Grace's was $85, but it was made of wood.  This is obviously mostly plastic, but still cute nonetheless.

These are Julie's new pajamas.  The only thing I'm really upset about, is now the pajama sets are "inspired" by the Beforever characters and no longer match.  That was the whole point of the girl and doll pajamas.  I can probably go to Target and buy a pair of pajamas like that for myself.  However, I might buy Julie's new pjs for the doll.  They are cute!

 I am SOOO excited for this set.  Kit has a bedroom set again!!! The radio is perfect and she has her Robin Hood book and Cincinnati Reds flag again! 

But the coolest feature of the radio, is that you can hook your phone up to it!  Time to download some 1930s music and radio shows!!!

Now here is the release that I cringed at:

Kit's One-Piece Pajamas & Puppy Print Pajamas for Girl

Sorry Kit.  I know this is time accurate, but the colors are terrible.  I wish they didn't have color schemes for each doll.  I will be buying her old pajams asap, which are time accurate and pretty.

Kit's Bed and Bedding

Luckily her bed didn't change much.  I wonder if American Girl will sell the new bedspread sets separately for a limited time?  I certainly love the new quilt!

Josefina's Bed and Bedding

Josefina's bed is beautiful!  I like it better than the old one.
 Addy's Bed and Bedding

Addy's bed is really pretty too.  I love the blue, and I hope all the beds are still made of wood or metal.  I am scared to see what the new prices will be though D:

Rebecca's Satin Pajamas & Satin Pajamas for Girl

Rebecca's pjs remind me of Nellie's/Ruthie's.  I miss Ruthie. :(
Rebecca's Bedroom Accessories

And her bedroom accessories!!! These are so adorable.  American Girl did good with this set.

Josefina's Nighttime Accessories
Josefina's Nightgown & Desert Dreams Pajamas for Girl

Josefina's pajamas and bedroom accessories are extremely nice too.  I'm glad she finally is getting some new
stuff!  The rest of her revamped collection is set to release August 27th.

You can view the rest of the new releases, including Truly Me here.

What's your favorite new release?

Monday, June 22, 2015

Real French Bakery Desserts

I went to the store the other day, and I decided to take some pictures of the cool French foods they had in the bakery! Maybe they will give you an idea for your doll's bakery.

There were tons of neat breads to choose from.

 These are called French Rounds.  They look like giant croutons LOL

From left to right:  Black and White cookies, Fudge Thumbprint cookies, and Madeleines right behind them.  Oh and look!  There are chocolate dipped ones, like Grace and her friends make in Grace Stirs It Up.

 Several selection of neat cookies, including several French kinds.

The watermelon cupcakes are so cute!

 This is the end shelf of the bakery cases.  It has more Madeleines, Lady Fingers, and more.  The swirl cookies look yummy!

These are Napoleons.  They are a French layer cake. 

 More layer cakes and tartes!  The picture below has eclairs. Yum!It was hard to take this picture because of the glare, but you can still see most of the goodies. 

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Samantha, Grace, and Kit - A Face Mold Comparison

Over the years, I've collected Pleasant Company and Mattel versions of American Girl dolls.  Today I'm going to do a detail comparison of three classic mold characters - but each one has few differences!!!


I purchased Samantha in 2007, a year before she retired.  She is Pleasant Company, but came in The American Girls Collection maroon box.

This is Grace, my first GOTY doll.  I purchased her this month! She is an updated Mattel version.

Kit came home in 2008 when her movie came out.  She is a Mattel doll. 

In this picture you can see the unique highlights in Grace's hair, in comparison with Samantha dark brown waves.

 This is the neck stamp on Kit.  It says American Girl, LLC

 Grace's neck stamp simply says American Girl.

Samantha's neck stamp says Pleasant Company.

 In these pictures you can see that the Sam and Grace's vinyl colors are different.

 Here they all are from the side.  Samantha and Grace's bodies are actually about the same size, even though many have stated that Pleasant Company bodies are larger than Mattel's.  Believe it or not, Kit's body is different, and I have had a few difficulties getting pants on her.

Below is a comparison of their mouths.  Kit and Samantha's are light pink, and Grace's is a darker pink with more defined bottom lip.

 Grace has more bluish eyes than Kit's.  Kit's eyes have a greenish tint to them.

Here you can see the difference between Kit and Grace's freckles.  Kit's freckles have different odd shapes, while Grace's are all the same and more proportionally spread out.

Below you can see the difference in the eyebrows.  Kit's are feathered but are much thinner than Grace's.  Samantha's are simply lines!  I think the new feathered eyebrows are more realistic.  Another interesting thing to note about Grace's face mold, is the new eyelid line above her eyes.  None of my other dolls have this.  I think its a unique touch.  Do you guys have any dolls besides Grace that are like this?

So that is my reaaalllyyy in depth look at these three and their differences and similarities.  Let me know if there are neat features that I missed in this post!  

News - Julie's Bed is Sold Out + Rebecca's Bed on Sale

Today's Daily Deal was Julie's bed!  I hope everyone who wanted this version of her bed ordered it this morning, because its "no longer available" now.  

American Girl, however, has added Rebecca's bed as the Daily Deal because Julie's bed sold out.  Hurry and order it with free shipping for $75 now before its gone:  Order here

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Journey Girls Bathub - Preorder Now!

It looks like Toys R Us has some new Journey Girls items, including this cute new bathtub set!  It retails for $29.99.  It looks very similar to the design of Sophia's bathtub for 18" dolls.  

You can preorder it here.

Kit's News and Views - 6/16/15

It's time for Kit's News and Views again!  Let's see what interesting news and cool facts Kit has uncovered this week:

American Girl has started up Daily Deals for the summer.  There will be one item per day on sale for 50% off plus free shipping!  Yesterday's deal was the new snooze fold out bed.  Today's deal is sold out: the school desk and supplies.  But don't worry, a new desk is coming out on June 25th.  

More Truly Me stuff will be launching June 25th.  These items include a new school desk, a lunch set, and a telescope.  Other rumored items include a Yorkie pet, a crockpot set, a Frankenstein Halloween costume, and more. You can read Lissie and Lilly's post on the desk and telescope.

Also rumored to be launching on June 25th is the revamped bedtime sets for the Beforever characters.  Julie, Kit, Rebecca, and Addy are definitely getting new sets.  We know Julie's bed will be the same but with a purple bedpost and a new bedspread. I'm not sure if Josefina's will come out or if her new bed will debut in August with her mini doll and Journey book.

Innerstar Sale is continuing until this Sunday, the 21st, so don't forget to check it out.

Caroline's ice skates are sold out.  Her party set is also sold out. 

Maryellen's mini doll and book photos have arrived!  It looks like she will have a dachshund and a bicycle.

And the BIG news of the day:

Grace Thomas's new summer release items are to debut THIS THURSDAY.  The in-store movie events begin on the 18th, and the DVD and soundtrack release on the 23rd. 

I can't post all the pictures here, but these are the items she will receive:

Sightseeing Outfit (on Grace Makes it Great) - $30
Sightseeing Accessories (red shawl, blue sunglasses, and the rumored black boots) - $28
Grace Inspired Tee for girls - $28
Puppy Tee for girls - $26
Paris luggage bag for girls - $50
Grace's hairstyling set - $22
Grace's bracelet for girls - $60
Eiffel tower jewelry holder for girls - $24

There is also rumored to be a French breakfast and French bread sets for Grace's bakery.  No pictures have surfaced yet of these items. 

What a lot of news!!! Phew!  Kit must be exhausted!