The American Girl Attic Girls

The American Girl Attic Girls

Monday, June 23, 2014

Science Week at Camp Doll Diaries!

Let's crank out the mad science books and get to work! Don't forget AG has a science lab set for dolls that retails at $36.  Of course you don't have to have this set to participate, but its really cute and works great for this week's theme!  

Reagan's Reviews Coming this Afternoon (hopefully)

I have a review set up for you all on Felicity's Riding Outfit and the Our Generation Horse, but unfortunately that will be postponed until further notice due to several thunderstorms moving through my area.  I have lost all my natural lighting from the window, and the camera does not take that great of night vision pictures.  So sorry!

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Pick it or Kick It Results

Thanks for voting in the pick it or kick it Julie edition!  Y'all all liked the outfit combination!  We'll be taking a look at another outfit combination next Friday, in addition to the Butterfly Garden PJs for girls.  Happy Saturday!

Goodbye Cecile!

Cecile Rey is officially SOLD OUT!  We will greatly miss Cecile, and I wish I had been able to get her, but I will get her mini doll at least!
Let's take a look at all the memories we have of Cecile and her friend Marie-Grace.

I remember the day when Cecile and Marie-Grace went up for pre-order.  I regret not buying one of them...

Here are some pictures from their release catalog, which also happened to be the 25th anniversary of AG. 

Their books were really unique because they took turns telling their stories.  It was the first time AG ever made best friend dolls who shared each other's stories.

Some beautiful photos of Cecile and Marie-Grace's limited edition summer sets!
I really love Cecile's.  Yellow looks so pretty on her.  Photo credit:Doll Diaries

Photo credit:

Remember the enter to win at Barnes and Noble's?  I hope they have an enter to win a Beforever character. It will probably be Samantha, but I'm crossing my fingers they have Rebecca or Addy.

Unfortunately when the NOLA girls started to not sell well, they were offered for a cheap price on Jill's Steals and Deals and another discount website.

Cecile's book illustration.

We will miss you so much Cecile!  Hurry and get Marie-Grace if you are interested before she sells out too!

Also, head on over to Doll Diaries and enter to win mini Cecile and Marie-Grace dolls and paper dolls! 

If you have any photos of Cecile OR Marie-Grace that you would like to share, you can tag your Pinterest pins with #AGatticgirls.  You can also tweet using this hashtag or post on Facebook with this hashtag and I'll try to post as many as possible!!! 

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Kit's News and Views

Hey girls!  Welcome to this week's news and views!  I'm back at home in my attic bedroom this week while the mini dolls go to camp.  I can't wait to hear what next week's theme is over at Camp Doll Diaries.  In a little while I'm going to post one of my camp memories from my diary.  But for now let's check out the news in the latest newspaper I published from my typewriter!

The American Girl Attic Girls is now on Pinterest!  Check it out here and start pinning! 

Ruthie's ENTIRE COLLECTION IS SOLD OUT.  My poor best friend. :(  I'm glad I have the holiday dress though!

Don't forget to check out the sale page on American Girl.  More NOLA items were added this week, including Cecile's parlor outfit and MG's dog Argos for $14 each.  If you need another bed I would highly recommend getting the canopy bed while its on clearance for $62. Another one of the NOLA items, it will be retiring soon.

June releases from American Girl are coming soon and are rumored to include MAG #61 and new poseable pets.  I'm not sure if poseable just means the head or if the legs will move now.  I guess we'll have to wait and see!  

Don't forget the Isabelle's Movie Premiere event in stores on the 18th and 19th of July.  There are two viewings per store, so check out your location to see what time the movie is showing.  Tickets are $5 and include popcorn and a drink.  I do not know about the other stores, but the St. Louis location is premiering the movie in the theatre in the mall. How exciting!  I can't wait to go!

Plus, pre-order the Isabelle movie at Target and receive Fashion Fun with Isabelle for free!
There will also be a soundtrack for the movie, which I'm really excited about.  What's a dance movie without music!  I need more music to dance to!  I can't believe I never realized that the other GOTY movies had soundtracks too, but I think this one will be the best.  What do you think?

Beforever release date was guessed correctly!  It will launch on August 28th and there will be store events for this occasion.  Check it out here.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Hey guys!  Today is the Camp Doll Diaries Dance Recital over here! Felicity is getting ready for her dance in the Sugar Plum Fairy. She is so nervous she can't remember which lace goes first on her pointe shoes! Oh no!

Kit is going to get Felicity's hair ready.  She's going to need LOOOOTS of hairspray!!!

Julie, on the other hand, slept in a little too late today, and walked in with her pajamas still on!  She quickly looked for her costume.

Julie is going to show everyone her groovy 70s dance moves in this awesome polka dot dress! 

So many accessories that Kit and Felicity and many other girls will need! Julie needs to find her belt and shoes!  

The belt looks really rad on this dress, but she still needs to find her white boots! 

Julie bumps into Felicity on her way to a costume change.  "Have you seen my white boots?" 
"No, I'm sorry, Julie I haven't! I would look for them, but I have five minutes until my next dance!!"

"Wow, are you doing tap dance now?"

"I sure am!" Felicity replied.  

After Julie and Felicity left Kit went to put on her dress.  She is one of girls of many lands in Act II of the Nutcracker.

Felicity came in after she left for one more costume change for the grand finale with Julie and Kit.  

Tada! Julie, Kit, and Felicity take their bows!!!

Friday, June 13, 2014

Felicity's Fashion Friday


Hello everyone and welcome back to Felicity's Fashion Friday!  Today the butterfly garden pjs arrived!  They were $18 on sale, so if you are interested, I would go check it out now.  My PS said they will probably sell out in about 2 weeks because inventory is getting low.

So today Julie is going to model the new pjs!  I also have the girl sized version, but we will look at that next week.

The slippers are soooo cuuuute!  I just can't get over them!

 It also came with the confident charm. Unfortunately I don't have the charm keeper necklace as I do not own a MAG (yet).  I guess I'll need to buy that soon!

A closeup of the butterfly.

Well that's it for this Fashion Friday shoot!  See you next week with another fashion choice!

~ Felicity Merriman