The American Girl Attic Girls

The American Girl Attic Girls

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Target Doll Hunt

Yesterday I went to Target to check out what Our Generation things they had.  Everything is currently 30% at Target from OG, so head on over to your local Target or order online!  Free shipping with $25+

I found this new cowgirl outfit while I was there.

 They also have some cute romper sets.  This is my favorite new one, and I think it will look lovely on Grace.

 What I really love about the OG line is their cute new shoes!  They retail for $6.99 each, and are such great quality.  Some surpass American Girl by how well they are made.  Each one is so unique!

I especially love the two tone boots and the flats.  'Im glad they sell these because not all outfit sets come with material shoes.  A lot of them are plastic, and this gives me an opportunity to make a fancier outfit ensemble.  

These are the accessories sets they had.  Nothing new here, but they are still cute.

I didn't find the laundry set I wanted, so I may check another Target later this week.   

However, I DID find something awesome in the Target dollar section!

FOOD ERASERS!  I've been looking for these all around town, and finally I found some!  I wanted to buy these for Grace, since they are mostly French pastries. They only had two left, but hopefully the other Target will have more.  I'd like to have several of each if possible.

These are perfect for Grace's bakery

This is Samantha holding different ones in her hand.

French pie.

Samantha can hold the donut with her finger!

She can hold the fruits really well.

And here she is with a popsicle.

 The cutest eraser out of the set is the ice cream cone, which fits perfectly in her hand.

Samantha and her friends are going on a picnic today!  She is going to pack all the new food I bought.

I would recommend checking you local Target for these erasers.  You won't want to miss out!!!

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  1. The erasers are a great find! I came over from "Small Dolls in a Big World"
    Jen @ DollsBetweenUs