The American Girl Attic Girls

The American Girl Attic Girls

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Fashion With Felicity

Welcome to Fashion With Felicity! Julie is modeling her new swimsuit ensemble with the OG beach chair and umbrella set.

Julie certainly looks tall is those platform shoes!!!

"Hello readers! Welcome back to my fashion closet!" 

 "Today I'm going to help Julie get ready to go to the beach!  It has been quite warm in California as of late, and Julie just can't wait to make a sand castle."

 "I have recently added some Isabelle GOTY 2014 stickers around my mirror to give it more of a dance feel."

"Why hello Julie! How are you today?" asked Felicity.

"Well, I'm a little frustrated because I can't find the right shoes to wear. Maybe you could help me?" Julie replied.

"Of course!  I have just the thing.  Let me get it out of the accessory closet."

Felicity struggled to reach the top shelf.  "Oh look!" said Felicity, "Here is a bright red sunvisor that will match perfectly with your swimsuit."

She quickly handed Julie the hat.

"I love it!" exclaimed Julie.  She stretched the visor onto her head.

"And here are some perfect platform sandals for the beach.  They are the latest in style." said Felicity.

Julie tried on the whole ensemble.  "This outfit looks waaaay better than anything I could have put together.  All your fashion and sewing lessons have paid off, Felicity!"

"You're welcome, Julie.  It can be fun once you learn how to do it well!"

"Bye everyone!  I'll be back next week with a new friend and a new fashion creation!" ~ Felicity Merriman

 Now its your turn! What did you think of Julie's new outfit?  Did you like it?  Vote in this week's pick it or kick it with the poll to your right.  Felicity will be back next week with a new outfit and the results from this week's fashion poll.

About the Outfit

  Julie's 2-in-1 Summer Outfit was originally introduced in 2008, Julie's first new release since her debut in 2007.  The shorts set was taken out of the set a few years later, but the swimsuit remained.  The swimsuit was phased out last year with the launch of Beforever. 
The set included flip-flops, a terry cloth jacket, shorts, sunglasses (not pictured), a takini, and a towel for Julie to sunbath on.

Here is a close up of the swimsuit.

This is what the back of the jacket looks like.  The set matches perfectly with the rainbow hair ties in Julie's hairstyling set. 

Since I got this outfit when I was 11, it was well played with, and sadly the screw popped out of the sunglasses.  Ive tried fixing it several times, but it just falls apart again when I put them on Julie's head.  As you can see from the last picture, the left flip-flop strap needs to be sewn on again.  It broke last summer, but this outfit held up for nearly 7 years before needing some repairs.  I would definitely recommend this outfit to anyone who likes to shop for AG outfits on ebay!

Here is my Julie drying her hair with the shorts set on!

This is the original catalog the set released in: 

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