The American Girl Attic Girls

The American Girl Attic Girls

Friday, March 27, 2015

Felcity's Fashion Friday

 "Good morning everyone! It's Friday, which means its time for more fashion picks!"

Last week, Julie showed off her new swimsuit ensemble - 60% of you voted yes for this outfit.  "Phew!  I was hoping most people would like it!" said Julie.

 "Please excuse my mess.  I was finishing my tea lesson!" said Felicity.

 "Oh, look who's here!  It's Kit Kittredge, our guest today."

 "Hi guys!  Im really excited to show everyone the outfit Felicity designed."

"This outfit would be perfect for a 1950s girl!"

The bow is from Samantha's original Christmas dress.

The blouse is from Julie's Christmas outfit, which just recently retired.

The skirt is from Samantha's bathing suit.

And the shoes, of course, are from Kit's original meet outfit.

View from the back

I hope everyone enjoyed this Fashion Friday post!  Don't forget to vote for the outfit in the poll to your right!

There isn't an about the outfit this week, since the outfit is from several clothing pieces.  There will be one next week!

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