The American Girl Attic Girls

The American Girl Attic Girls

Monday, March 16, 2015

Kit's New and Views March 15th Edition

My goodness its been awhile!  While I was gone, there sure has been a lot of doll news come up!

First of all, American Girl is doing an Easter sale for the first time I can ever remember!  Enjoy up to 20% select spring items, plus new markdowns on last chance sales.  I am very excited that the new LE sets are $10 off, which makes them much more affordable.  All of Samantha's new spring outfits are on sale, and all of last year's LE sets are too.  Plus plenty of MAG outfits, pets, and accessories are on sale at splendid prices.  I would highly recommend the new gardening set.  The table is wood and metal!  You don't see that good of quality from American Girl these days.  At least not that often.
The spring sale ends March 24th, plus get free shipping at checkout on orders of $100+

In depressing news, Caroline's parlor is sold out on the website.  I hear there are still some left in stores so hurry!  This is all part of a possible archival of Caroline Abbott.  American Girl wasn't able to get the name Caroline trademarked in Canada, so with all the sales on Caroline's collection, it looks like they've decided to phase her out. :(  

However, in exciting news,  the new 2015 Beforever character books are up for pre-order on Amazon! Link here. Valerie Tripp is the author!!! And a Journey book for Josefina has been found too, which is to release August 27th.  I believe this will be the release date for the new character, rumored to be named Mary Ellen and from the 1950s.

On American Girl's facebook page, they also announced a new African American Beforever character will be coming in 2016.  After doing some research from other sources, this new girl might be from the 1960s in Detroit, Michigan.  See Living A Doll's Life. (Rhonda is really awesome you should check out other posts on her blog!) This is all a rumor for now, so don't get your hopes up yet!

One of the most interesting things I noticed, is that Julie had a new picture on her page.  And guess what?  She has a new vanity in the background, plus her bed is changing to purple with a flowered bedspread.  Although it looks pretty, Im really glad I have her old bed.  The bedspread for that one cant be beat! However, American Girl has taken down the picture already. Whoops that wasn't supposed to be up yet!

Overall, it looks like we'll be looking forward to a huge new release for Beforever this fall, with a new character, Josefina's revamp, and new beds and furniture for the rest of the characters.  Kit and Rebecca's bed were most recently on Jill's Steals and Deal's, so the rumor that all the characters will be getting new beds has been confirmed with the new Julie photo.

Lastly, MAG is set to get a revamp to Truly Me this May.  The new books and updated craft sets are listed at American Girl Publishing.  I will touch more on MAG news in an upcoming post, so stayed tuned!

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