The American Girl Attic Girls

The American Girl Attic Girls

Monday, August 10, 2015

UPDATED Maryellen Larkin Countdown

UPDATED: Here is a new sneak peak of Maryellen's school set.  Not much more of a sneak peak than last week, but we're getting there!

Maryellen's theme is.... THE SPACE RACE! We guessed it correctly!

*I follow my heart instead of the crowd                                                                                                   *It's my time to stand out from the crowd
*Cartoonist, rocket scientist, TV-news feature, roller-skater, and mold breaker, and that's only part of her story.
*My friends call me the one and only.  There's no one quite like me in the whole wide world.

Well we obviously know she will have roller skates!  I wonder if she will have a drawing set, since she likes to make cartoons.  She is rumored to have a T.V., which would go along with her story.  She joins the science club and she lives in Daytona Beach, Florida with her five brothers and sisters and her parents of course!  

This is her cute icon!

Also, there's some more information on Maryellen on my favorite website, The American Girl Wiki.  Go check it out! 

There was apparently a short film contest for anyone ages 13 and older to create a 15 minute short film about Julie or Maryellen.  Sadly, the deadline has passed. It wasn't heavily advertised and I just found out about it. I'm quite sad because I would have loved to enter, and I'm sure some of you guys would have loved to as well. I am excited to see the results in October!  There will be one short film for each character, and American Girl is hiring actresses to portray Maryellen and Julie!!!!   You can read about it here. 


 The countdown is on!  Nineteen days to go until Maryellen debuts!  Stores will be having Meet Maryellen events at various times the 27th-30th.  Come dressed up in 50s attire to take your picture in front of a diner backdrop, 50s inspired crafts, a free gift, and more.  Come as early as possible so you don't miss out on the cool gift!

Valerie Tripp is coming to Nashville October 17th.  I'm very excited as she is the author of Maryellen's stories, Felicity's, Molly's, a few Samantha stories, and Kit's!  Basically half of my dolls!!!

I have seen a lot of leaked images of Maryellen's outfits, but I can't post them quite yet! If you don't care about spoilers, Lissie and Lily has several of the leaked images, and there are plenty of Youtube videos as well.

Maryellen's sweater will supposedly come with the doll, and not in the accessories set.  So far gloves and a pearl necklace are the only confirmed items in the accessories set.  

Her diner is rumored to be $300 like Samantha's ice cream parlor.  Luckily it won't be as crazy and huge as Grace's bakery!  She is also supposed to have an RV camper or something, but that is to be determined.

She will have a poodle skirt set, an ice skating set similar to Molly's, the red cherry outfit as depicted on her Journey book, and she will have a gorgeous party dress.  Her outfit theme seems to be similar to Kit's, but from what I've seen she has less of a color scheme as compared to the other characters.

 Maryellen's cherry outfit.

It is confirmed that there will be limited edition mini dolls for American Girl's 30th anniversary.  I've seen a few of the dolls, and they will all have different outfits, but not holiday outfits this time! 

Lastly, Maryellen is also rumored to have a dachshund. No news on her bed, bedroom accessories, pajamas, etc.  There are tons of items she is going to have they have no pictures or information whatsoever.  

This is the sneak of Maryellen's school set.  Her school dress will be purple, a continuation of no particular color scheme for our 50s girl! 

Are you excited for Maryellen?  I will probably get her for Christmas! 

Also thank you to everyone who has followed my blog for so long!  This is my 100th blog post! :D

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