The American Girl Attic Girls

The American Girl Attic Girls

Monday, August 10, 2015

Grateful Blogger Tag!

I've been nominated by Whiskers and Wildflowers for the Grateful Blogger Tag! 
These are the rules:
  1. Nominate 3-7 bloggers (your favorites or somebody new;)
  2. Answer the questions given you or follow specific instructions.
  3. Make sure you post a comment on their blog telling them they've been nominated.
  4. Copy the award image into your post.
  5. Link your post back to the original.
  6. Put the award on your sidebar or page.
  7. Oh, and don't forget to copy these rules!
Have fun!!!
  Here are the questions she asked me: 

  1. Who is your favorite actor/actress?  ~ Probably Zendaya or Shailene Woodley
  2. What is your favorite thing to do with your dolls?  ~ Take photostories!  I have some new ones coming up soon.
  3. If you could go back and live in any historical time period, which would you choose?  ~ Probably the 1950s.
  4. Fork or spoon?    ~ Fork
  5. Do you have a favourite word/quote?  ~ "Don't do drugs, eat candy." - Ricky P. Dillon
  6. Who do you look up to?  ~ My mom
  7. Favourite animal?  ~ Peacock
  8. What is your favourite color?  ~ Red
  9. Favourite school subject?  ~ Art and history
  10. Painting or Coloring?  ~ Both since I'm an artist! 
And I nominate....

Here are your questions:

1. What's your favorite type of music?
2. Do you like storms?
3.  How many pets do you have?
4. Provolone or Swiss cheese?
5. Horses or llamas?
6.  If you could have another doll, what doll would you choose?
7. Guitar or piano?
8. Do you enjoy being outside?
9.  What's your favorite sport?
10.  Have you ever been to another country besides your own?


  1. *From Julie's doll mom, Sharry:*

    Thanks so much for nominating us! Since Julie is a 70s girl, and has no idea what a blog is (don't forget, her time capsule is her diary), I'll answer the questions here, OK? First the nominations:

    The Tennesee Girls
    Say Hello To My Little Friends
    The Savage Dolls

    1) Fave music? Pop, Soul R&B, bubble gum
    2) Do I like storms? Sure as long as I'm inside!
    3) Pets? Well, I don't have any, but Julie has Boomer!
    4) Provolone or swiss? Definitely swiss
    5) Horses or llamas? Horses
    6) What doll would I choose? AG #61
    7) Guitar or piano? Both!
    8) Being outside? Sure as long as the weather's nice.
    9) Favorite sport? Not into sports
    10) Visited another country? Canada and The Bahamas

    I will post this blog entry to those I've nominated! Thanks so much!

  2. Thanks Julie's mom for my nomination! And thanks for leading me to another great doll blog!!