The American Girl Attic Girls

The American Girl Attic Girls

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Maryellen's Collection Prices

Stock photos have shown up, and with them the prices of Maryellen's collection are available.  Some of them are ridiculous, while others are actually quite reasonable.

Maryellen doll and book ~ $115
Maryellen books ~ $9.99
Scooter the dachshund  ~ $24
Accessories ~ $24
Mini doll ~ $25

TV console ~ $85 - includes a record player that supposedly works
Sofa bed ~ $150 ~ I think Maryellen sleeps on a couch in her stories - includes two pillows, a plush dog, and a blanket
Living Room Set ~ $58 - the table with the TV guide we saw - includes a working lamp, decorations, and a newspaper too
Seaside Diner ~ $275 - a lot less food than OG's, but it looks to have some wooden parts and some plastic parts like Samantha's Ice Cream Parlor.  It has two stools and booth seats with real material.  I don't know what the inside cooking area looks like yet.

Cherry Play outfit ~ $28
Birthday dress ~ $34
Poodle skirt outfit ~ $36
Pajamas ~ $24
Curler set ~ $20
Crinoline ~ $16
Jukebox ~ $90 - plugs into your phone - Im hearing rumors the records spin around inside it and it has elaborate light up features, but this isnt confirmed yet.  I hope so for that price!
School set ~ $40 - I will go ahead and warn everyone this set can literally be made out of cardstock printouts and a Michael's chalkboard....
School dress ~ $34 - This is the purple checkered dress we've seen floating around on ebay the past few months See here
Ice Skating Outfit ~ $36
Ice Skating Accessories ~ $24 - gloves, scarf, hat
Maryellen's dress for girls ~ $52 Very close to the actual dress itself 
Poodle skirt dress for girls ~ $48?
Maryellen's pjs for girls ~ $42

Also, Josefina will get a $20 hairstyling set, a Journey book, a mini doll, and a rumored outfit.  I haven't actually seen the outfit so I cannot confirm that at this time.

Some stock photos are available if you would like to see here.
Video belongs to CuteKatyDolls.

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