The American Girl Attic Girls

The American Girl Attic Girls

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Our Generation New Items

The Our Generation website has been updated! There are lots of cute outfits, accessories sets, and some furniture even!

 For the regular fashion, there is a cute penguin pajama set, some hiking outfits, a cute sport outfit, overalls (I'm getting those for Kit and dressing them up a bit), and another skirt and shirt set.

There are lots of new shoes.  I always check my local Target for different shoes since they don't list all of them on the website.  I definitely like the snow boots, the fringed boots, the cheetah print shoes, and the rainboots.  Plus there's a new sunglasses set, a street fair set, and the new "I Spot a Birdie" set.  I'm buying the birdwatching set for Samantha. :)

 More accessory sets!  The gardening set is a perfect addition to American Girl's gardening bench set.  Especially since there's been a lot of complaints that it only came with one tool, but two hooks. Target came to our rescue with this set!  The second one is a VIP concert set, and there's also a cute beach set.  OG made some nice shoes this time, and the roller skates will be perfect for Maryellen. 

 These are the deluxe sets.  They retail for around $17.99.  There is a scooter set, a fishing set, a butterfly catching set, and a gardening outfit set that will once again be perfect for American Girl's bench.  There are several absolutely adorable sets in the second row.  I don't know how I'll be able to choose which to buy! (technically we know we'll have to choose what showed up in our stores lol) :P
I like the Spring Into Ruffles set on the bottom.  It has a white skirt that will work nicely with Grace's collection.

Retro fashion!!! The first one I'm not as thrilled about, but the second two I'm buying for Julie.  She needs a school jumper set and a rainbow shirt!  The last one is a cute new roller skate outfit that I will buy for Maryellen.

Lovely new adventure sets!  Finally a Girl Scouts set!  On the website it shows the things on a doll with a Girl Scout uniform.  I wonder if that outfit will be coming soon too?  The best set is the vegetable garden set with a cute wheelbarrow! The vegetables can be taken out of the planter box as well.  I can't wait to get this set!!!!  There's also a lua set that would be great for Kanani, and a grill!  I saw the grill in the store and OG hit the jackpot with this set.  The food is extremely realistic!

 These are the furniture sets.  We have two new salon chairs, and a new yellow scrollwork bed.  The "It Seams Perfect" set has been reviewed by several other bloggers.  It is made of plastic, but its still very nice quality.  The old sewing machine will fit in the table as well. Now the "Table for Two" set is another story....

I'm not sure I'm digging those clear pink chairs that are reminiscent of the good old Barbie's Malibu beachouse days.... The table looks cute for Grace's bakery however.  If it goes on sale, I might buy it and spraypaint the chairs red.
And this is a closeup of what the sewing set comes with.  It has a real pattern for a simple dress and enough fabric to make it with!  Such a cute idea!  

Check out the Our Generation website here
to see more details on all the new things.  A lot of them are already rolling into stores.
Plus, OG is creating a line of accessories and furniture for mini dolls called LORI by OG.  They have created a retro car and a camper for the mini so far.  The camper has working lights and kitchen accessories, and will be a great addition to the Maryellen mini doll! 

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