The American Girl Attic Girls

The American Girl Attic Girls

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Kit's News and Views

Hey girls its Kit again and welcome to the second edition of Kit's News and Views!

The first topic I'll be hitting is Beforever.

According to Living a Doll's Life, there may not be any illustrations in the new Beforever books!  How awful! I'll miss all the colorful pictures showing my adventures.  As a budding news reporter, my camera is really important, and I can't imagine no longer enjoying the snapshots of my adventures in the books anymore! The rest of the attic girls will be saddened to hear the news.

I've heard a quote, "A picture paints a thousand words."  Just reading the books doesn't give the same effect as looking at a picture of the events. When I think of Addy's stories, or Ruthie's adventures, I don't think of the words on the page, I envision the picture that went with that chapter in the book.  The pictures really moved me in Addy's story---seeing how horrible slavery really was touched my heart.  And what about the hoboes?  They weren't all lazy dirty people. Some used to be doctors and business owners! The pictures I took for the newspaper really touched people's hearts. Pictures help words. Sure you can paint a picture with words, but a little 8 year old girl can't read really complicated things.  Maybe a 12 year old girl.  And don't forget the mini pictures showing what a carpet bag, a dradle, or a cornhusk doll was.  Or what about St. Lucia? Little kids don't always have access to Google to look these things up. The illustrations of these are important.

I, the admistrator of this blog, used to come home from the library every week with a new AG book and open it up to all the illustrations before reading the book.  I loved to draw them in my spare time, and I hoped to be an illustrator for them some day.  Now that dream may be shattered.

I hope that this rumor won't end up being true. I won't believe that the essence of the stories will remain the same until I see it.  I am sad to see one of the greatest educational historical fiction series to be altered in such a way.

Moving on from sad news, Doll Diaries has a contest to win a $50 gift card for My Doll's Life! Hurry and enter before it ends! 

Ivy doll, book, and accessories is SOLD OUT.  Ivy doll and book is still available, so grab her while you can!

The in-store exclusive cabana is temporarily out of stock and should be back in stock as soon as possible.  

Unfortunately, American Girl Place New York is closed today due to technical issues.  I heard there were some storms up that way, so its possible the power went out. AG will tweeted it will open again tomorrow!

Marie-Grace's fairy costume has popped up on sale this week for $14 after being retired for a whole year.  All sale items are while supplies last!

Kit:  "My typewriter is rumored to be making a return this August with the launch of Beforever! How exciting!"

Well, that's about it for this week's news and views.  Stay tuned for more exciting and interesting stuff!

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