The American Girl Attic Girls

The American Girl Attic Girls

Monday, June 15, 2015

Welcome Home, Grace!

My Grace Thomas 18" doll has arrived!  I am so excited, and I think she is the most beautiful doll I've ever bought from American Girl.  Despite all the negativity, American Girl has really improved on the quality of these dolls.  

Here is Grace standing up in her in progress Paris bedroom! She looks so gorgeous.

Grace has bright blue eyes and unique freckles.  American Girl updated the doll molds (at least for Grace) and added a line for the eyelids.  She looks a lot more realistic.

Here are some close ups of her earrings.  She is wearing the heart earring with the eiffel tower dangles.

 Her hair has bronze highlights in it with a slight wave at the ends.  Her hair is the softest of all my dolls!

Here is a closeup of her meet shirt.  It has the feel and appearance of the Isabelle giveaway t-shirt from last year.  This year's giveaway was an apron with Grace's name on it.

Her charm bracelet is absolutely adorable.  The one thing I hated about this bracelet is the difficulty of getting it hooked onto her wrist.  Its a veeerrrryyy tight fit!!!  Little girls will definitely need some adult assistance with it.

Another view of the bracelet

The skirt is made from a fuzzy fleece material, and has a faux leather bow.  I thought the bow was satin from observing the pictures.  What a pleasant surprise!

Her shoes aren't as great of quality, but much better than Springfield or Our Generation designs.

And these are her other two earrings! She came with two pairs of heart earrings, blue bows, and eiffel tower dangles. 

So that is my little review of Grace!  What do you think of Grace?  Do you have her?


  1. Congratulations! She is so adorable! I would love to get Grace sometime this year.

  2. Grace is such a pretty doll! Congrats!