The American Girl Attic Girls

The American Girl Attic Girls

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Kit's News and Views - 6/16/15

It's time for Kit's News and Views again!  Let's see what interesting news and cool facts Kit has uncovered this week:

American Girl has started up Daily Deals for the summer.  There will be one item per day on sale for 50% off plus free shipping!  Yesterday's deal was the new snooze fold out bed.  Today's deal is sold out: the school desk and supplies.  But don't worry, a new desk is coming out on June 25th.  

More Truly Me stuff will be launching June 25th.  These items include a new school desk, a lunch set, and a telescope.  Other rumored items include a Yorkie pet, a crockpot set, a Frankenstein Halloween costume, and more. You can read Lissie and Lilly's post on the desk and telescope.

Also rumored to be launching on June 25th is the revamped bedtime sets for the Beforever characters.  Julie, Kit, Rebecca, and Addy are definitely getting new sets.  We know Julie's bed will be the same but with a purple bedpost and a new bedspread. I'm not sure if Josefina's will come out or if her new bed will debut in August with her mini doll and Journey book.

Innerstar Sale is continuing until this Sunday, the 21st, so don't forget to check it out.

Caroline's ice skates are sold out.  Her party set is also sold out. 

Maryellen's mini doll and book photos have arrived!  It looks like she will have a dachshund and a bicycle.

And the BIG news of the day:

Grace Thomas's new summer release items are to debut THIS THURSDAY.  The in-store movie events begin on the 18th, and the DVD and soundtrack release on the 23rd. 

I can't post all the pictures here, but these are the items she will receive:

Sightseeing Outfit (on Grace Makes it Great) - $30
Sightseeing Accessories (red shawl, blue sunglasses, and the rumored black boots) - $28
Grace Inspired Tee for girls - $28
Puppy Tee for girls - $26
Paris luggage bag for girls - $50
Grace's hairstyling set - $22
Grace's bracelet for girls - $60
Eiffel tower jewelry holder for girls - $24

There is also rumored to be a French breakfast and French bread sets for Grace's bakery.  No pictures have surfaced yet of these items. 

What a lot of news!!! Phew!  Kit must be exhausted!


  1. Thanks Kit for the updates! It was fun to read about everything in one place :)

  2. I'm glad you enjoyed!

    ~ Kit Kittredge