The American Girl Attic Girls

The American Girl Attic Girls

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

American Girl Snow Much Savings Sale!

Yay!  The winter American Girl Sale has arrived, and its practically as good as the Cyber Monday sale!  

And that's just the front page!!!  There's fourteen pages of awesome deals, including Caroline's Table and Chairs for $91 and Caroline's Parlor for $195. the Parlor retiring soon?  This is the second time its been on sale, and its only been a month since the last time!

What I was most excited about was JULIE'S RETIRED CHRISTMAS DRESS.

I remember it disappeared when Beforever launched because she has a new one now.  I was hoping it would show up on the Cyber Monday sale, but it didn't.  So obviously I snatched that outfit up FAST. 

I hope I can get either Caroline's table and chairs or Rebecca's sideboard before they are all gone, but it depends on how much I get from ebay selling. LOL  I've already bought Rebecca's bed and Kit's bed, which is a lot right there!

Also one thing to note, is a lot of the mystery books are on sale.  Not all of the ones that will NOT be receiving Beforever makeovers are on sale, so its hard to tell if its extra stock or if they are going away. I sure hope not!  

Make sure you buy some of the books with illustrations while you can!  Their only $2.75 each while supplies last.

What did YOU get from the Snow Much Savings Sale?

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