The American Girl Attic Girls

The American Girl Attic Girls

Saturday, August 23, 2014

I'm Back!

Hey girls!  I'm sorry its been sooooo long!  When I got back from my vacation, our internet went down and blogger wouldn't work for two whole weeks!  I was so mad!  Even pinterest was being awful.  But nevertheless, I'm back and its the countdown to Beforever!  Let's take a look at some important Beforever information I've found.  I also have some awesome Samantha photos.  If you don't want to see what she will look like yet, I'd advise you to leave immediately! LOL

Lissie and Lilly have a complete list of possible endangered Beforever items that will literally be PULLED from the shelves at the stores of the 28th.  They will still be available online after the launch, while supplies last.  So far Kit's Christmas dress is backordered, and in Canada, Addy's ice cream set is sold out.  Some say Julie's bug and Caroline's parlor are leaving, but other sources say they aren't.  (And Julie's VW bug WAS in a Beforever video.)  Yet her patchwork outfit and the LE outfits are rumored to be going, and someone over on Living a Doll's Life was able to peek in the covered up Julie display and saw them plus Julie in her new meet outfit!!! Weird, huh?  I think American Girl themselves are not sure of what to keep either!

Also, Barnes and Nobles has a few of the Beforever books in already!

Here are some lovely stock photos of Beforever Samantha!  You can watch a whole Samantha review here.

Doll Diaries found some awesome Samantha photos too! 

Credit: Doll Diaries

Screenshot from the new Beforever: Pass it On! video

Possible new coloring books for Beforever?

TTPM review of Samantha in her new box!

Ebay photo

All the characters will have new logos.

New Julie shirt?  

Julie's new outfit.

Samantha's new logo.  I can just imagine how cute Julie and Kit's will look.  I hope they are yellow for Julie and green for Kit, so on...

Rumored to be Caroline's new party outfit.

Kaya mini doll

Kit stock photo

Another TTPM screenshot.  Credit: Doll Diaries

Credit:  Living a Doll's Life  Kit's New Birthday dress.  It is rumored she will also have new white table and chairs.  I will miss Kit's green table! :(

Another ebay photo. 

Samantha mini doll! 

Don't forget to watch the video's with MORE sneak peeks of Beforever on American Girl's youtube channel!

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