The American Girl Attic Girls

The American Girl Attic Girls

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Our Generation In-Store Report

I went to Target yesterday, and the Our Generation line had a lot of new items!  Luckily, the retro diner was there so I was able to get a close up view of it and take pictures!  It seems like it is never in stock at my Target, so it must be very popular.

This is the diner all packaged up on display.  I like how they displayed all the food so you can see!  The food is all so miniature!

 There are salt and pepper shakers, ketchup and mustard, napkins and more for the table.

The pie has one slice that can be taken out. There are three of each type of cupcake, six cookies, nine donuts, three milkshakes, and a few varieties of ice cream. There's also a hot dog, a hamburger, and a basket of french fries.  The tops of the stools are shown below.

 This is the cake stand.  It is made of plastic, but is adorable! It has one slice that can be taken out and placed on a plate.

These are the empty plates that loose food items can be placed on.  There's two sets of "silverware" and some bowls and plastic cups. 

 This is the coffee and a cup of coffee with some play money and an order booklet. The pencil is fake from what I can see.

 There are tons of plates with meals that are attached to the plates.  The eggs, bacon, and sausage can be moved.  There are two sodas, a piece of chalk for the chalkboard menu, and what I believe is tomato soup.

 A cute sandwich and a brownie!

I really love the diner set and would like to buy it for Maryellen.  The set has a working jukebox, two booth seats, a table, a counter with working lights (the demo version was worn out at the store unfortunately), blinds on the window that open and close, and a rotating "glass" display case. It retails for $109.99, which is not bad for all that it comes with and the play value, especially compared to American Girl's prices for sets like these. American Girl has some wood parts, but not as many as they used to on playsets when it was still Pleasant Company.

Here are some of the new outfits. 

This is a very pretty yellow dress and denim jacket!

 I thought it was weird that just this one outfit is in a box.  I hope they don't change them all to this packaging!

 This is not a new outfit, but I was going to buy it for Samantha.  It's very good quality.  The shoes are the quality of Springfield, but the outfit is nice.

 This outfit would look great on Grace.

They had adorable new accessory sets too for only $6.99 each!

This looks like a retro recess set.  The ice cream cone jumprope is really cute! There is pretend sidewalk chalk, jacks, and a paddle.

 This is my favorite new set!  Its a birdwatching set, and includes binoculars, "bird seed", a pretend pencil, a bird book, and a bag to store the binoculars in!


 The next set is for the beach.  It has a shovel, a bucket, sunglasses, and a frisbee.  The frisbee is really cute.

 We've had sunglasses sets before, but this one was different than the one I previously saw!

 This is a popstar set.  It has a VIP pass, a water bottle, a lei, star sunglasses, and a purse.

This is a garden set that would work well as an addition to American Girl's.  A lot of people have been complaining that there is two tool hooks, but only one tool, so Target came in and solved the problem!  These tools and the windmill will be perfect for the gardening shelf.

 I thought these were very interesting two tone boots............

 This is another cute outfit that would look nice on Grace.

 Don't forget your scooter in Paris!

 This is a pretty dress, but the belt is a weird plastic like material.  It almost looks like duct tape!

And lastly this is a new pajama set.  The shoes are plastic in this set, but the kitty is really cute. 

Wow that was a lot of new items! I want to get all the little accessory sets! 

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