The American Girl Attic Girls

The American Girl Attic Girls

Friday, November 28, 2014

Big Sale at The Queen's Treasures!

There are a lot of new and awesome items at The Queen's Treasures!  And some of them are on sale!  Although they do have quite a few expensive items, they are still way cheaper than American Girl, and are of heriloom quality. A lot of the items they sell are unique that you can't find anywhere else! Here are some of the items on sale: 
Pink Bedroom Storage Trunk for 18" Doll Clothes

Pink Bedroom Trunk & Furniture 


It was originally $234.99, so this is a great deal!  It has a pulldown bed that doubles as a chalkboard, a chair, storage space, a mirror, and a place for your doll.  It includes hangers and a bedding, so this is a great deal.


Doll American Furniture Sew Machine & Accessories fits 18" Girl Doll 

1930's American Style Sewing Machine, Accessories & Stool


For all you Samantha, Rebecca, or Kit fans, this old-fashioned sewing machine is awesome!  I've seen great reviews on this furniture on other blogs.

It was $129.99, so hurry and take advantage of this deal.

 18" Doll Furniture Victorian Sofa Day Bed

Victorian Vanity Table for 18" American Girl Furniture

These two items from their Victorian line are on sale!  They also have a bed, nightstand, and trunk that go with the set that are not on sale. 

Skiff style row boat for 18" American Girl® Dol 

This boat is similar to Caroline's skiff, and is on sale for $53.99.  If you have a Caroline fan at home, this would make a great Christmas gift. 


Lots of their clothes are on sale too, so click the link at the top of the page to get shopping!!! :)

Im especially in love with this recreation of Julie's Jumpsuit. 


Doll Clothes for American Girl® 18" Dolls, Girl Power 1960's Fun


Blue Sunday Dress fit American Girl®  Doll Clothes

 1800s gown for Caroline



18" Doll Clothes, Bedtime Nightgown Outfit, fits American Girl®  Doll Clothes

  Samantha's original nightgown recreation

 Salvation Army Doughnut Girl Outfit for 18" American Girl Doll

And the doughnut girl outfit is on sale too! 


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