The American Girl Attic Girls

The American Girl Attic Girls

Monday, July 14, 2014

New Sale Items Added!

Calling all Saige GOTY 2013 fans!  Apparently AG had some overstock on a few items and put them on the sale page.  Things like this DO happen, but I've never seen this much!  I remember Gwen's meet outfit on clearance the January after Chrissa retired.  And Penny, Felicity's horse, showed up a couple of month's after she retired.  But anyway, let's check out all the deals:

Saige's Tunic Set ~ $22

Saige's PJs ~ $18

Saige's Matching PJs for Girls ~ $30

Saige's Accessories ~

Saige's Parade Hat Set ~ $10 I'm totally buying this for Felicity.

Saige's Picnic Set ~ $28

Sorry about the quality on this one...  Butterfly Twist outfit ~ $22

Butterfly Garden Robe and Pillow ~ $18 Definitely buying this since I have the PJs for dolls and girls.  Too bad they never put the slippers for girls on clearance.  Maybe they'll find some hidden in the warehouse and put them on sale too. 

Cello Set ~ $24  This is by far one of the best deals.

White Capris ~ $10  I was super pumped about this since I was going to buy it anyway.  I have capris like this, and I wanted some for Julie so we can match.

Real Me outfit ~ $12  I will probably buy this and put it on MAG #61 when I get her for Christmas, especially since Im not sure if they are going to change the meet outfits this year or not....

They are a few other Bitty Baby and AG items on sale, so check it out! 

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