The American Girl Attic Girls

The American Girl Attic Girls

Friday, May 30, 2014

Kit's News and Views

It's me, Kit again, and today I'm bringing this week's News and Views on American Girl!

First of all, I'd like to give a farewell to the doll forms of Ruthie, Ivy, Marie Grace, and Cecile.  I will miss you all, especially you Ruthie! You will always be in our hearts.  But your stories live on!

If anyone is interested in purchasing Cecile or Marie Grace's nightgown for girls, they are on sale for 50% off.  A penny pincher like me would totally jump on the opportunity! Check out the sale here.

In other news, the new code name for GOTY 2015 is "Coco" and auditions for the lead and two co-lead roles are in progress.  Calling extras will probably be announced in the coming months!

Well that's about it!  Stay tuned for more news, including the return of Samantha to Attic Club I host!

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