The American Girl Attic Girls

The American Girl Attic Girls

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Samantha's Storytime Saturday: Getting Ready for Camp Doll Diaries

"Hello everyone!  Its Samantha from 1904 New York City!  Well, right now I'm packing for our annual Piney Point trip with Grandmary and my adopted sisters. And of course Aunt Cornelia and Uncle Gard too! Today I'm also helping Julie get ready for Camp Doll Diaries.  I'll be attending too, after my family trip this week to the lake.  Let's see what Julie is packing for camp!"

"Hi, Samantha! I'm taking this special suitcase my dad gave me last weekend.  It has stickers from different countries he's flown planes to!  I'm trying to decide what to pack in it.  Let's start with makeup and hair accessories."

"Wow!" Samantha said, "That's a lot of stuff! Are you sure you're going to be able to fit it all in there?"
"Well, we can always try!" Julie replied.

Julie started adding her favorite things first, just in case she couldn't fit it everything.

"It looks like everything fit.  Now on to clothes!" said Julie.
"I'm bringing pajamas, my shorts outfit, my swimsuit, a 4th of July shirt, sandals, a sun visor, and lots more!"

After lots of rearranging and shoving, Julie and Samantha finally fit everything inside the suitcase.  "Phew!  That was a lot more work than I anticipated!" Samantha said, wiping her brow.
"It sure was, but it will be worth it! Now I just need to go help Poison Ivy get packed next." Julie answered.
"And I need to find my parasol for my trip.  We better get going.  It was nice stopping by to see you Julie!"
Samantha said.
"Thanks for visiting! Come again soon!"

Be sure to check out the awesome camp posts from Doll Diaries.  Camp Doll Diaries begins Monday!  Craft supply checklists are already up, and our next feature will be Julie and Ivy's Five and Dime Deals.  Couponing and looking for sales can help a lot when you're purchasing craft supplies.

Friday, May 30, 2014

Felicity's Fashion Friday!

Hello all!  It is I, Felicity from Williamsburg, Virginia!  Today is what the modern girls like to call Fashion Friday.  I was never much into fashion, but rather horseback riding.  However, it is fun to look at all the lovely gowns in the store window!  Elizabeth and I love to point out the best displays each week and compare.  And I am going to do just that...with a twist!  Today we are going to take a look at Julie Albright's new outfit combination.  She is from 1974, and is joining the Attic Girls today with an outfit using her summer shorts and flip-flops, plus the St. Louis AG store t-shirt.

What do you think? Like it? Don't like it?  Well the choosing is up to you this time!  Go to the main page of this blog and make your decision in the poll on the right side of the screen.  Results will be in next Friday, when I'll feature another outfit combination!  

Kit's News and Views

It's me, Kit again, and today I'm bringing this week's News and Views on American Girl!

First of all, I'd like to give a farewell to the doll forms of Ruthie, Ivy, Marie Grace, and Cecile.  I will miss you all, especially you Ruthie! You will always be in our hearts.  But your stories live on!

If anyone is interested in purchasing Cecile or Marie Grace's nightgown for girls, they are on sale for 50% off.  A penny pincher like me would totally jump on the opportunity! Check out the sale here.

In other news, the new code name for GOTY 2015 is "Coco" and auditions for the lead and two co-lead roles are in progress.  Calling extras will probably be announced in the coming months!

Well that's about it!  Stay tuned for more news, including the return of Samantha to Attic Club I host!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Off to Deliver Eggs!

Well I'm off to deliver eggs to the neighbors!  I'll be back later to type up some more fun!

~ Kit Kittredge


Hey everyone!  It's Kit here and welcome to the American Girl Attic Girls! Why the Attic Girls?  Well, the posts are typed from my typewriter in my attic!  I have lots of friends who help, including Julie, Samantha, Felicity, and Ivy.  "But they live in different eras!"  Hmmm... magic lockets???  We'll have to ask Sam about her adventure in the Lilac Tunnel for the answer!
But welcome to the blog!  My friends and I will be posting about crafts we've done, cool American Girl news, photo stories, videos, and much more!  I, Kit, may even post a story I've written for the Cincinnati Newspaper.  To kick off the summer, we'll be getting ready for camp, hosted by the awesome Doll Diaries!

Bye for now,

Kit Kittredge